Matt Beckner  - Early Iron Club President

Matt Beckner - Early Iron Club President

the Early Iron Club

Back in 1981 a small club calling themselves the “Car Crazies” decided to have an event for car enthusiasts to show off their vintage automobiles. The show was called “San Luis Valley Early Iron Festival” and that first year they had 36 entries. This festival changed everything for this club as well as the surrounding community. We now host over 600 car show entries as well as, Vintage Nitro Legends and Pinstripers from all over the country!

The club changed their name to the San Luis Valley Early Iron Club and has grown from 6 original members to now over 15 members. Our passion is to still bring the essence of hot rodding to as many people as possible. To show that all of this vintage tin is worth saving and can always be cool.

We love to support our community through events and charitable donations, and strive to lift up a new era of hot rodding by educating as many people as possible through the craft.

The community has always stood behind us and has proven it through the amazing attendance and the over 500 sponsorships for our festival! Included in these sponsorships are our beloved Major Sponsors, some that have sponsored for 39 years!

Early Iron is not just an annual event, but rather a group of friends who still like to get together with a wrench in one hand, and a beer in the other to build cool rides and have fun. Through all of the good times and hard times, one thing will always resonate;

Our hearts are Early Iron.

Matt Beckner

San Luis Valley Early Iron Club